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Vepax Verktyg is a one-stop destination for all your machinery, tools, and workplace needs. With a 600 sqm retail store in Västberga, Stockholm and a growing e-commerce presence, they provide everything from clothing to equipment, available for purchase or rent. The choice is yours!

Organic Traffic
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Like many businesses, Vepax had been navigating through various agencies with limited success, often plagued by tunnel vision and a struggle to explore diverse solutions. They approached us with a desire to boost e-commerce sales, enhance their digital presence, and rightfully claim their position in the market.

Our Solution

We executed a comprehensive solution with a strong emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost organic traffic. Additionally, we implemented strategic advertising campaigns (SEM) to enhance their online presence. Simultaneously, we improved website user-friendliness and conversion rates through a new visual design, UX enhancements, web development, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). We also transitioned their platform from Abicart to WooCommerce, streamlining their order management processes for greater efficiency.

The result

The collaboration yielded exceptional results, leading Vepax employees from other departments to assist in daily order packing. Currently, efforts are underway to further optimize and scale their internal order management online. Internally, there’s playful banter about their 600 sqm Stockholm store transforming into a dedicated e-commerce warehouse.

We view this as a significant success and a fruitful project, one we look forward to continuing to develop and enhance across the board. Our close, agile partnership with Vepax has driven substantial progress in various facets, with the numbers and results serving as evidence of an efficient and successful collaboration.

A few comments from the project

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Namn Namnsson

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Bianca Sundh

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Bianca Sundh

Kristoffer Söderlund

Helén Andersson

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